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Maple Glazed Ham, Baron Bigod & Rocket


plant centre and speciality coffee

Established in 1995 we have developed a real passion for great coffee and amazing gardens, in fact we have continued to pride ourselves in delivering a unique service to our clients and a taste for this unique drink. We feel these two ingredients are still as important today as they were back then. With decades of horticultural and design experiences we decided to combine our eternal search for the ideal bohemian space to enjoy a caffeine infused beverage and a place where our clients and friends can meet discuss their garden and landscape needs or simply while away some time together.   We decided the time had come to lay down some roots. And so Pura Vida plants and coffee was created, a family run business



What's new at Pura Vida? Well, we ask ourselves that question too! we're always evolving our green product ranges and what we can offer at Pura Vida,  as we want our customers to not only feel inspired and excited about inviting plants into their lives but to also to take a moment away from the world in our unique space with some fantastic coffee and some unique items on our menus!

What better place to enjoy the oncoming spring as an appetiser of what's to come in the summer, sat in the garden with friends over

a great lunch!


our opening times over the holidays and for the new year

As that special time approaches and a new year is just on the horizon we've set out our opening times for the festive period, just follow the link and we'll see you soon in the den by the fire with all your favourite hot drinks and tasty dishes to enjoy, with or without the family!




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