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Dalefoot-Composts ~ PURA VIDA  plant centre and speciality coffee shop


an environmentally conscious sheep wool based compost

Did you know traditional peat-based composts are on their way out? and by 2030 the manufacture of garden compost will be 100% peat free?


With this in mind we got ahead of the curve when choosing which compost to supply at Pura Vida and the choice was a obvious, stocking a environmentally conscious option with a story we can get behind just made sense to us, and hopefully to you all as well. Peat is formed over thousands of years by partly decomposed wetland plants which are compacted at a rate of 1mm per year. This means that the loss of peat by mass harvesting for horticulture is irreversible over human timescales.


So by making the switch from peat to wool you can be part of the solution to restoring our nation native bog land, which by purchasing this compost you actively support its regrowth which Dalefoot is helping to restore. And as the only supplier in Norfolk we are proud to support a product we believe in, and actively use it on our stock in The Plantarium and can attest to its success.



We try to have a healthy stock level of the compost at all times however this will change based on the growing seasons and demand, please contact us if you wanted your order put aside to be collected later or you wanted a specific variety we currently do not stock as we can get it delivered to us for no cost to you.

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